Best Sightseeing in Liverpool with our Open Top Bus Tour!

Author: Lewis Peters

Date: Sunday 15th January 2017


It’s no secret that Liverpool is an incredible city, with it’s incredible amount of history and culture, you certainly wouldn’t have to travel far to find something of interest. With a long musical history, world renowned sports teams or the laundry list of activities to do, there is something for everyone in Liverpool.

City Explorer Liverpool has taken it’s time to create the best sightseeing in Liverpool experience complete with an expert guide on our very own state of the art, open top busses making it the best way to get around and see all of the attractions. Here are some of our favourite stops on the City Explorer Liverpool bus tour: or you can view all of the stops on the tour on our website here.

So weather you are a tourist exploring Liverpool for the first time, spending a day out with the kids or just simply getting to know your city a little bit better, choose to go sightseeing in Liverpool with City explorer. You can book tickets for the Liverpool open top bus tour by clicking here: or see more information about the tour including the route map and all of the stops here:

City explorer also offer combined tours for the city explorer tour as well as the River Explorer Cruise, so you can take a ‘ferry cross the Mersey’ and get the best view for Liverpool’s iconic waterfront.

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