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The 6 Most Fun, Weird and Fascinating Facts About Liverpool

17th March 2023 / Latest News
the 6 most fun, weird and fascinating facts about liverpool

Liverpool is a city that is full of surprises. From its bewitching history to its vibrant cultural scene, there are countless reasons why this bustling metropolis is one of the UK’s most beloved destinations. However, there are many exciting facts about Liverpool that even its residents don’t know.

In this article, we’ll look closer at the 6 most fun, weird and fascinating facts about Liverpool. Buckle up and get ready to explore this dynamic city like never before!

Liverpool Old Dock
Old Dock Viewport (Image by Mike Peel via Wikipedia)

A first-of-its-kind commercial wet dock

That’s right, the world’s first commercial wet docks were built in Liverpool way back in 1716. It all started with the Thomas Steers’ dock, now known as the Old Dock.

Back then, ships had to unload their cargo in open water, which was time-consuming and dangerous. But Thomas Steers’ innovative idea to build a dock to hold boats and keep them out of the rough seas changed everything. With this new system, ships could be loaded and unloaded with increased speed and efficiency, paving the way for Liverpool to become a key player in global trade.

Today, the Old Dock stands as a testament to Liverpool’s rich maritime history. Got curious? Our bus tour starts and ends at this iconic site!

Liverpool’s surprising connection to English folklore

What if I told you Liverpool was founded by none other than King John, the infamous villain in the tales of Robin Hood? That’s right, the same King John who battled Robin Hood and his Merry Men was responsible for establishing the city of Liverpool in 1207. With such a storied past, it’s no wonder Liverpool is a city full of surprises and intrigue. To learn more about Liverpool’s history, visit its museums and galleries. The World Museum, Walker Art Gallery and Liverpool Central Library are within easy reach of Stop 4.

Liverpool was founded to make it cheaper to attack the Irish

Ahoy there! Would you believe Liverpool owes its existence to King John’s love for battle? That’s right, back in the early 1200s, King John spent most of his time attacking Ireland. But there was a problem – he had to sail from Chester and pay a hefty tax to the Earl every time he did so.

King John devised a cunning plan to avoid shelling out all that cash. He decided to establish his own port city and chose Liverpool as the perfect location. And just like that, Liverpool was born!

Today, Liverpudlians prefer to hang out with the Irish instead of fighting them. If you’re like us, hop off at Stop 6 and visit one of the many lovely Irish pubs in the city centre.

Liverpool is, actually, Gotham City

Holy Scouse! Did you know that the latest Batman movie was filmed right here in Liverpool? That’s right, the dark and brooding streets of Gotham City were recreated in the heart of Liverpool.

From the iconic Liver Building (Stop 2) to the grandeur of St. George’s Hall (Stop 4), Liverpool’s stunning architecture provided the perfect backdrop for the Caped Crusader’s latest adventure.

St. George’s Hall: A Statement of Power and Prestige

St. George’s Hall was not just another building – it was designed to impress. Constructed in the mid-19th century, the grandeur and elegance of St. George’s Hall was a statement of Liverpool’s status as a world-class city. From the imposing neo-classical facade to the intricate details of the interior, every element was carefully crafted to make a lasting impression on visitors. And it worked – to this day, St. George’s Hall remains one of Liverpool’s most iconic landmarks and a testament to its rich history and architectural heritage.

The secrets of Liverpool’s Cavern Club Wall of Fame

You probably know that the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool has a wall of fame featuring some of the biggest names in music history. From The Beatles to Adele, including Stevie Wonder and Oasis, every artist who’s ever graced the Cavern’s stage has a spot on the wall.

But here’s the catch – rumours say that the location of the names isn’t random! In fact, in the past, each artist allegedly bid for a spot on the wall, with the highest bidder getting the closest placement to The Beatles.

That’s right, the Fab Four were still the ultimate rulers of the Cavern, and every other artist was vying for a piece of that rock ‘n’ roll glory.

The Cavern’s Wall of Fame is just a stone’s throw away from our busy Stop 3. This is a must-see.

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