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Culinary Delights: Foodie Stops on Our Liverpool Sightseeing Bus Route

22nd September 2023 / Latest News
culinary delights: foodie stops on our liverpool sightseeing bus route

Ah, Liverpool, a city steeped in history, culture, and a splendid array of culinary delights. As you embark on the City Explorer Liverpool sightseeing bus tour, prepare your palate for an enchanting gastronomic adventure. From indulgent dishes to delightful afternoon teas, we’ve curated a foodie’s guide that perfectly complements the city’s diverse attractions. Let’s savour the flavours and uncover the essence of this remarkable city, one delectable bite at a time.

Gusto Italian Liverpool

Gusto Italian

Our Liverpool sightseeing bus tour begins at The Royal Albert Dock, a bustling hub of activity and adventure. Aside from immersing yourself in the artistic wonders of Tate, celebrating The Fab Four at the Beatles Story, or catching stunning views from the Liverpool Wheel, don’t miss the chance to pamper your taste buds at “Gusto.” A mere stone’s throw from the dock, Gusto promises a dining experience that’s both modern and chic. With a diverse menu featuring Italian-inspired marvels—ranging from sumptuous pasta and pizza to mouthwatering seafood and succulent steaks—it’s the perfect setting to relish a delicious meal while soaking in the historic charm of the Royal Albert Dock. Bon appétit!

Matou Pan Asian Restaurant

Our next destination is none other than the illustrious Pier Head—a trove of Liverpool’s architectural gems, featuring the iconic Royal Liver Building, the majestic Cunard Building, and the superb Port of Liverpool Building.

Amidst these architectural marvels lies “Matou,” a culinary masterpiece gracing the waterfront. Boasting captivating views of the River Mersey, Matou offers an unrivalled dining experience, seamlessly blending contemporary Pan-Asian cuisine with an elegant, modern ambience. From exquisite sushi and delightful dim sum to an array of Asian-inspired creations, Matou’s menu is a delight for varied preferences. For those craving an unforgettable culinary escapade amidst the picturesque setting of Liverpool’s iconic Pier Head, Matou is an absolute must-visit.

The Club House in Liverpool

The Club House

Our third stop is at Liverpool ONE, where you’ll find “The Club House.” Nestled amidst the shopping and entertainment hub, The Club House offers a charming dining experience with a touch of rustic elegance. With its inviting decor and a diverse menu featuring a range of dishes from hearty British classics to modern favourites, there’s something to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely brunch, a delightful lunch, or a sumptuous dinner, The Club House promises a memorable culinary journey. Cheers to good food and great times!

Doctor Duncan

As our Liverpool sightseeing bus pulls into the William Brown stop, make a beeline for Doctor Duncan. This historic pub is just waiting for you to discover its charms. Stepping inside is like taking a delightful trip back in time, enveloped in the warm embrace of traditional Victorian decor, echoing the essence of Liverpool’s pub culture.

Once you enter Doctor Duncan’s, a bygone era unfolds, with its rich wooden furnishings and the inviting aroma of time-honoured pub dishes. Their menu is a testament to classic British cuisine, offering an enticing range of options, from hearty pies to mouthwatering fish and chips. And for those seeking a refreshing pint, a well-curated selection of fine ales and beers beckons, making Doctor Duncan’s the perfect spot to unwind and raise a glass after exploring the area’s museums.

The Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool

Adelphi Hotel

The Adelphi Hotel is a legendary establishment that has been a cornerstone of the city’s culture for generations. When it comes to experiencing a quintessentially British tradition, their afternoon tea is a must.

At the Adelphi, the art of tea is elevated to a level of grandeur. Delight in an array of teas, from classic Earl Grey to exotic blends, accompanied by dainty finger sandwiches, warm scones with clotted cream and jam, and a selection of delicious pastries and cakes. Each bite is a tribute to the tradition of afternoon tea, expertly prepared and beautifully presented.

The Philharmonic Dining Rooms

The Philharmonic Dining Rooms is a true gastronomic treasure! Its dining experience is a symphony of flavours. The menu boasts an exquisite range of dishes, carefully curated to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. It includes classics such as succulent roasts and hearty pies. Start your culinary adventure with appetisers that tease the taste buds – perhaps delicate smoked salmon or soup. For mains, the menu presents a diverse array of choices, from tender steaks to sumptuous seafood creations. And let’s not forget the delectable desserts that bring the dining experience to a sweet crescendo. Pair your meal with a carefully selected wine or ale, enhancing the overall sensory pleasure.

And here’s a delightful surprise: City Explorer clients enjoy an exclusive 20% discount at The Philharmonic Dining Rooms. Simply present your ticket to the staff.

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In the rich culinary tapestry of Liverpool’s offerings, the City Explorer bus tour is a grand feast of sightseeing experiences. It’s an invitation to savour Liverpool’s diverse flavours. With the freedom to hop on and off at your craving’s call, you’re not just an observer but an active foodie, sampling the city’s culinary tale.

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